Western Circuit

Gombe Stream National Park is located outside the Kigoma town about 16 kilometers north in the western part of Tanzania covering an area of 52 squares kilometers making the smallest National park in the country.

The park is narrow strip of a mountainous country border by the crest of the African Rift Valley walls to the east and Lake Tanganyika to the west the deepest lake in Africa.

Gombe was gazetted as a National park in 1968 and its uniqueness is that no road to the park one has to walk to experience the nature of the vegetation and animals in its original form.

The vegetation of the Gombe varies from green tropical forest with tall trees to the shrub and thickets. This accommodates varieties of primates the major once are the Chimpanzee (more than 150 are recorded), others include bushbucks, vervet monkeys, baboons, colobus and bushpigs.

The park can be visited round year but the best time to visit Gombe stream National Park is during the dry season as it gets so wet in the rain seasons. It’s also advisable to bring with you jungle boots, rain jacket.