Ngorongoro Crater.

Seven wonders of the world, this caldera has different species of animals, big and small animals, birds, and is the only place you can see Black Rhino in Tanzania. Don’t miss this tour. It’s possible to do a day trip tour from Arusha town.

Mountain trekking gears.

You need proper Mt gears while trekking Mt Meru or Mt Kilimanjaro, good and warm sleeping bag, hiking boots, rucksack, walking stick, mountain tents, rain clothes, warm jacket, flees, sweaters, wool hat, sun hat, sunglass, head lamp, warm trousers, long underwear, warm socks, thermal mattress.

3 days Kilimanjaro trekking.

3 days Kilimanjaro trekking through Marangu route, this is good itinerary for trekkers who don’t want to do the summit.

Day 1 from Marangu gate 1,800m to Mandara hut 2,720m, dinner and overnight. Day 2 to Horombo hut 3,720, dinner and overnight. Day 3 from Horombo hut descend to Marangu gate, and drive back to your hotel.