Shira Route

Climbing duration: Shira Route – 6 Days / 5 Nights

The Shira Route is a relatively gentle and incredibly scenic route to the Roof of Africa (“Uhuru Peak” Uhuru a Swahili word which mean Liberation). Encompassing the Shira Plateau, this route provides breathtaking views of the African landscape below. Finally, the Western Breach Summit path is a more difficult route to the summit which incorporates some serious scrambling and climbing. It is thus generally favored by those individuals looking to add a bit of an extra challenge to their climbing experience.

Day 1: Shira Gate (2300m) to Shira Camp (3,840m) – (7,550ft to 12,600ft) 

Early in the morning after breakfast you will be briefed about the Mount Kilimanjaro with the guide before the departure to the Londorossi gate by our 4WD land cruiser (or any jeep) about three and half hours. After all park registration formalities we proceed driving to near Simba campsite. Then lunch afterwards you start trekking through heather and moorland to the first camp (about 1-2 hrs) to Shira 1 camp (3505 m) for dinner and overnight in tents.

Day 2: Shira Camp (3,840m) – Lava Tower (4,600m) – Barranco Camp (3950m) – (12,600ft to 12,700ft)

Early in the morning after breakfast you have a full day to explore the Shira plateau, trekking slowly eastward towards Kibo’s glaciered peak. The Shira plateau is one of the highest plateaus on earth, averaging 12,500 ft. The total trekking time is approximately three hours. Dinner and overnight at the Shira 2 (Fischer’s) camp (3900 m). 

Day 3: Barranco Camp (3,950m)-Karanga Camp (4,010m) – (12,700ft to 13,800ft) 

The pace should always be slow when in Kilimanjaro for the success. After breakfast in the morning proceed steadily upwards over vast ridges to “Lava Tower “for lunch take approximately 4 hours. In the afternoon, you descend the steep trail into the Great Barranco Valley. Barranco Camp is set in a valley enclosed on 3 sides with the massive walls of the valley itself and the massif of Kibo. For about 6 to 7 hours thereafter dinner and overnight at the Barranco camp (3976 m).

Day 4: Barranco Camp (3,950m)-Barafu Camp (4,600m) – (12,700ft to 15,100ft) 

Early morning breakfast then afterward start trekking for about 3 to 4 hours to Karanga Valley for a hot lunch and then proceed in the afternoon to Barafu Camp (4673 m). You will have dinner and a sleep before working up at the midnight for the Uhuru Peak attempt.

Day 5: Barafu Camp (4,600m)-Summit (5,895m) – Mweka Hut (down to 3,100m) – (15,100ft to 19,300ft)-(down to 10,200ft) 

During the midnight walking up call for the Uhuru Peak followed with a cup of hot chocolate, Tanzania coffee or tea. Don’t be nervous and taking it slowly as the trekking will start around 1 a.m. At this stage the weather range from somewhat 0 to -12 degree isn’t it lovely in the tropical climate to find this. Always the target is to reach the Roof top of Africa (5895 m) before dawn. After taking some pictures you will descend to Barafu Camp for a rest and then en route to Millennium camp for dinner and overnight.

Day 6: Mweka Camp (3,100m) to Mwekq Gate (1,650m) – (10,200ft to 6,000ft) 

After breakfast descends slowly to Mweka gate via Mweka Campsite which is about four hours walk. At the gate you will be awarded a certificate of competence from the Kilimanjaro National Park Authority office for the successful attempt of Uhuru Peak. At Mweka gate you will meet our 4WD vehicle waiting for you for a transfer at the hotel in Moshi for hot lunch, dinner and overnight. It also depend with the itinerary you might be proceeding to the Tanzania wildlife and birdlife parks, to the beach or giving a goodbye hand back home.