Our Team of Staff

John Nnko was born and been raised on the slope of Mount Meru Arusha. After his secondary school he attended the college of tourism in Arusha and started this company. He has both operated as a professional mountain Kilimanjaro and Meru guide to the top. He has successfully managed to climb Mount Kilimanjaro more than 200 times and several times in Mount Meru since 1999. His enthusiasm on the mountain alpine had bringing him to meet more people and experience different issues.

As a managing director as CEO of Elia Safaris John knows much about Tanzania National Parks and beach holidays vacation. “I believe and implement on environment protection for the future generation.” Welcome to Tanzania and travel with Elia Safaris Limited to experience the difference of service and lifetime adventure while in Tanzania.

We say “welcome to Tanzania – Karibu Tanzania”

Jacob Elisha Nnko is originally from slope of Mount Meru and first came to African tourism industry after graduating as a tour guide. Jacob is very passionate about wildlife especially the Lake Manyara National Park Lions and understands how important this iconic animal is.

Jacob has successfully climb Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru more than 170 times. He speaks fluent English and passionate in Kilimanjaro guide very much. He has managed to use all the routes up to the top of Africa and he welcomes all the people around the world to come and climb Kilimanjaro using Elia Safaris as the possibility of making to the top are higher when climbing with us.

Fluent in speaking English Athuman Juma has served as guide to Mount Kilimanjaro since year 2000. He has summit Mount Kilimanjaro as a tour guide more than 150 times as well as in Mount Meru. Athuman has attended normal secondary school as well as college of tourism in Arusha. He has also managed to climb Mount Kilimanjaro using the entire route to the top.

Athuman is keen on assisting each client to the top as he knows and believe everybody who comes to climb Kilimanjaro is keen to reach to the top.

Come one come all to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and experience the difference and challenge that this Mountain offers.

Winason Mteena has been in tourism for over 8 years and joined Elia Safaris in 2008. With more than 120 times successful Mount Kilimanjaro climbing Mteena is proudly to be a professional Mountain Kilimanjaro guide.

He has a great passion for conservation in Tanzania and Africa at large and enjoys hiking in wilderness areas of Ngorongoro Highlands, Mount Kilimanjaro and other high East African Altitude areas. Mteena has successfully lead many groups to Kilimanjaro and Meru successfully in different routes.

Since 2006 Fred Natalis has worked as a Mount Kilimanjaro cook. He has attended the school of cookery in Arusha and learns much on how to prepare different kind of dishes. He believes on preparing palatable dishes to his clients so they can manage to reach to the top.

Fred is comfortable to both vegetarians and Non-vegetarian dishes and what he just need is information and demand of the climbers. He welcomes the needs of the clients so everybody can be satisfied by the service that he has been offering for more than five years.

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro is an experience of the life time come with us to experience this adventure.