Mount Kilimanjaro Routes

Mount Kilimanjaro stands as an iconic symbol of adventure, and with Elia Safaris, the experience reaches new heights. This article dives deep into the various routes offered by Elia Safaris, providing insights and essential information for an unforgettable trek.


Mount Kilimanjaro routes: Elia Safaris – Your Gateway to Adventure

Machame Route – Embracing the Challenge

Embark on the Machame Route with Elia Safaris, a challenging yet rewarding journey. This Lemosho-Machame combination ensures a diverse landscape experience. Navigate through lush rainforests, rocky terrains, and the famed Barranco Wall for an adventure of a lifetime.


Rongai Route – The Serene Ascent

Opt for the Rongai Route with Elia Safaris, promising a serene ascent. Begin from the northern side, witnessing breathtaking views and a quieter trail. Traverse through the unique Mawenzi Tarn and marvel at the untouched wilderness.


Marangu Route – Comfortable and Scenic

Choose the Marangu Route with Elia Safaris for a comfortable and scenic expedition. Known as the “Coca-Cola” route, enjoy hut accommodations and a less demanding trail. Experience the stunning Horombo Hut and Gillman’s Point on this iconic journey.


Lemosho Route – Untouched Wilderness

Embark on the Lemosho Route, an untouched wilderness expedition with Elia Safaris. Revel in the beauty of Shira Plateau and traverse the captivating Barranco Wall. This route offers a diverse range of ecosystems, making it a photographer’s paradise.


Northern Circuit Route – The Ultimate Circuit

Indulge in the Northern Circuit Route by Elia Safaris, offering the ultimate circuit experience. Immerse yourself in the longest and most scenic route, circling the northern slopes. Witness unique wildlife and breathtaking landscapes on this unparalleled adventure.


Shira Route – A High-Altitude Marvel

Explore the Shira Route with Elia Safaris, venturing through high-altitude wonders. Known for its stunning Shira Plateau, this route provides a unique perspective of Kilimanjaro’s western slopes. Experience the thrill of high-altitude trekking with Elia Safaris.


Umbwe Route – The Challenge of Vertical Gain

For the daring adventurers, the Umbwe Route with Elia Safaris offers the challenge of vertical gain. Known for its steep ascents, this route demands physical prowess and determination. Conquer the demanding Barranco Wall and experience Kilimanjaro from a different angle.


Elia Safaris – Expertise and Excellence

Unmatched Guides – Your Reliable Companions

With Elia Safaris, expert guides accompany you throughout the journey. Their in-depth knowledge of the routes, safety measures, and passion for adventure ensure a secure and enjoyable trek. Trust in their expertise for a seamless experience.


Quality Equipment – Elevating Your Adventure

Elia Safaris prioritizes your safety and comfort, providing top-notch equipment. From sturdy tents to reliable gear, every detail is meticulously chosen. Feel confident in facing the challenges of Mount Kilimanjaro with the best resources at your disposal.


Mount Kilimanjaro routes: Elia Safaris – A Unique Perspective

Nighttime Summiting – A Spectacular Experience

Elia Safaris offers a unique approach to summiting with nighttime ascents. Witness the sunrise over the vast African landscape from Uhuru Peak, creating a magical and unforgettable moment. Experience Kilimanjaro like never before with Elia Safaris.


Mount Kilimanjaro routes with Elia Safaris promise an unparalleled adventure, blending expertise, safety, and unique perspectives. Whether you seek a challenging ascent or a comfortable journey, Elia Safaris caters to diverse preferences. Trust in their commitment to excellence and embark on a once-in-a-lifetime trek to the roof of Africa.


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