Mount Kilimanjaro packing list

Elia Safaris is a family run touring and safaris specialists in Tanzania Safaris, Mountain Climbing and Beach Safari Holidays as well as a cultural excursion. We tailor adventure or luxury safaris with a selection of budget camping, mobile camps, luxury lodges, private tailor-made luxury wildlife safaris and small to large group(s) safaris.

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Mount Kilimanjaro packing list

As natives of Tanzania and well established in environment and ecosystems Elia Safaris would like to share with you the summary of activities it offers on this selection of safari styles.

These include the following:

Mount Kilimanjaro climbing: This is an ultimate breathtaking of the first coming and climbing of Mount Kilimanjaro standing at the height of 5895 meters. Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest peak in Africa and fair enough you can walk to the top. Tanzania hosts as well the other two popular peaks of Mount Meru and Mount Oldoinyo Lengai which has an active volcano.

Honeymoon Safaris: The most important holiday that you will ever organize and enjoy out of the modern world! For this reason, Elia Safaris is happy to organize this unique safari since we will listen to your every need. Our company organizes a number of honeymoon safaris to a variety of destinations and therefore there is a huge amount to choose from chimpanzee trekking Honeymoon Safaris with their ultimate luxury, Mount Kilimanjaro climbing, Tanzania Honeymoons Wildlife and Zanzibar honeymoon Holiday.

Tailor-Made Safaris: Elia Safaris is primarily objective is to support and introduce the flexibility of tailor-made safaris. Tailor-Made safaris offer the client an opportunity to design and implement Tanzania mountain climbing, safari and tour activities that this country offers. Our specialist will ask you basic questions such as your budget, time frame when you’re in Africa as well as main interests while in Africa and we can suggest accordingly.

Walking Safaris: It is fun but this is where the truth is. Walking safaris are the best relaxation and a chance to have a close view of wildlife and birdlife but can be slightly daunting for first-time visitors in Africa. Tourist doesn’t need to worry about anything since all walking safaris are safe since you will be escorted by professional tour guides as well as full armed park ranges. Today almost all the national parks in Tanzania support walking safaris.

Family Safaris: Obviously planning for a family safari to Africa might be a debate on different aspects but when it’s ready and well organized there are no arguments will it be the holiday of a lifetime. Elia Safaris has arranged this kind of safaris for a number of years now and emerges one of the expert companies in Tanzania popular on this. While in Africa you will be provided with among other things a well-detailed itinerary for your children, private family safari vehicle and well as luxurious hotels and lodges. Regularly we train and update our tour guides on how to handle our extreme clients so any of our tour guides know how to handle children. The rest will be to follow the wind of our itinerary and implement it. Karibu Tanzania – Welcome to Tanzania.

Photographic Safaris: Our Company has the support and manages to have clients who are interested and purposely aim at taking photographs in the wildness of Africa. Various professional photographers have visited the country and we have taken them to various places for adventurous photographic safaris. Please visit our photo gallery and see how unique some of the pictures taken by professional photographers are.

Group Safaris: Sometimes you might have an arrangement from different places but aiming at visiting Tanzania. Elia Safaris can arrange for your tour and safari as a group been (Church worshippers, incentive group, students, scientist, and others). It is at this point where Elia Safaris enjoys the ability to give out a discount since a large group means sharing the cost. A well-planned itinerary will be set aside before the tour or safari starts, which includes departure and arrival date as well as destinations to pay a visit.