Kilimanjaro day trip hike.

On Mt Kilimanjaro is possible to do a day hike, from Marangu route hike up to Mandara but 2,720m, hike through the forest. The hike up can take about 4hours, and 3hours descend.
Then you can do a day hike through Machame route, start from 1,800m, hike through the forest up to Machame camp 3000m, hike for about 5hours, then descend for 4 hours.
Another day tour you can do it through Londrosi gate, drive up to Morum berier 3400m, then hike through Shira plateau to Shira 1 camp 3,600m. If it’s clear day you can have a spectacular view of Kibo peak and Shira peak.

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