Mt Kilimanjaro, 3 days hike.

Climb Mt Kilimanjaro without summit. For those who want to do it in 3 days without summit, here is the program through Marangu route. Day 1. Drive to Marangu gate 1,800m, registration and start hike through the forest to Mandara hut 2,720m with lunch box, 4hours hike. Dinner and overnight at Mandara hut. Day 2. […]
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Tarangire day trip tour.

Our company organise a day tour to Tarangire national park. You can drive early morning from Arusha to Tarangire, 2 and half hours drive, do a full day game drive in Tarangire with your lunch box. The park is very famous for Baobab trees, big animals like, Elephant, Buffalo, Giraffe, Warthogs, Antelopes, cats like lion, […]
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Kilimanjaro day trip hike.

On Mt Kilimanjaro is possible to do a day hike, from Marangu route hike up to Mandara but 2,720m, hike through the forest. The hike up can take about 4hours, and 3hours descend. Then you can do a day hike through Machame route, start from 1,800m, hike through the forest up to Machame camp 3000m, […]
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Great Serengeti migration.

Serengeti migration is the best thing to see while you’re on safari. The migration consists of Wildebeest, Zebra and Gazelle, they migrate in search of grass, either in Masai Mara or in the Serengeti plain. August, September and early October you can see the migration crossing Mara river, in the Northern Serengeti, February and March […]
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Rongai route, Mt Kilimanjaro.

Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro through the Eastern side, you can do it through Rongai route, near to the border of Tanzania and Kenya. This route believed to be the easiest route up Kilimanjaro. Minimum days is 5 days, and maximum is 7 days, camping, and after the summit you descend through Marangu route and the trekking […]
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