Marangu village tour.

Marangu village is located on the slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro, the village is famous for coffee and banana plantation. There is cultural activities around the village, there is caves, which was used for local people to hide during colonialism, there is different waterfalls and also you can learn the culture of chaga tribe who lives in the area. Come with us to learn this culture.

Safari in Tanzania.

Once you’re planning to do safari in Tanzania, you must know that we have two main safari circuit, the northern circuit, and southern circuit, although there is western circuit especially for chimpanzee. Northern circuit is the main safari in Tanzania, where you can visit Serengeti migration, Ngorongoro crater, the highest mountain in Africa, Mt Kilimanjaro, and national parks, with a lot of animals and also there is different attractions and cultural activities. For Southern circuit your safari starts from Dar es salaam or depend on your plan.